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Updated 4/29/24

Spring is sometimes overlooked for summer, but it really can be a great season for your elopement! For some places in the world, spring is the ideal time to visit and get married, and there are many benefits! If you’re considering when to elope, read through these tips and ideas for spring elopements. And if you’re looking for other options, check out the Destination Elopement page!

What to Consider for Your Spring Elopement

Most people envision flowers, gentle rains, and greenery when they think of spring, but depending on where you elope, that might not be exactly what you get. For example, in the southwest of the United States, there’s very little rainfall but lots of high winds. In high elevations or places that get lots of snow, you’ll likely not see green ground until the summer months of May and June. However, there are still plenty of places that see plenty of rainfall and have a beautiful display of spring blooms!

Or, if you’ve got a spring date in mind, but you’re super open to what kind of climate and weather you’ll experience, why not go south of the equator? Most southern hemisphere places are in the fall season in March, April, and May, which gives anyone from north of the equator a chance to experience something a little different! Of course each country, region, and elevation will have fall leaves at slightly different times, so be sure to look at those details. 

Spring can also often be a shoulder season in many destinations, which means cheaper travel and less tourists. This is a great opportunity to stretch the budget – you can book a longer or fancier stay for your elopement or even score cheap flights to a dream destination! And less travelers in the area means it will be easier to find amazing locations for your ceremony that are secluded and private. Those are some serious advantages!

Best Spring Elopement Locations

Since it’s a transitional season, spring can sometimes be a little tricky for finding the perfect place to elope. But don’t worry, you still have lots of great options! While many places are still covered in snow or waiting to get back to the lush green of summer, there are many locations that are incredibly beautiful for your elopement. In certain parts of the world, this is also when wildflowers cover meadows and spring blooms make their debut. And in temperate, tropical places, the weather continues to be perfect. As you consider where to elope in spring, take a look how much rainfall a location sees and be mindful of what the scenery looks like as it transitions into summer.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is truly one of the best underrated national parks to elope at, and spring is a great time to be there! Since it’s far too hot in the summer to spend time in this mountainous desert, late winter and spring are some of the best seasons to elope. Late March and early April are usually peak times for the amazing wildflower display that comes after spring rains. The desert landscape and surrounding mountains are beautiful this time of year, and even during peak visitor season, the park is relatively quiet. Just be aware that high winds and sandstorms are not unusual during the spring months.

Interested in eloping here? Check out the Death Valley Elopement Guide!

Northern + Central Italy

If you’re on the hunt for beautiful wildflowers with hills or mountains in the background, go to northern or central Italy in the spring! Spread across the regions, you’ll find bright red poppies dancing in the breeze and vast fields of yellow canola flowers framed by rolling hills and rugged mountains. While you’re there, enjoy the quaint villages, plentiful hiking trails, and amazing local food.

The Hawai’ian Islands

April through early June is a great time to elope anywhere in Hawai’i! The winter crowds and rainy season have finished, but the summer rush hasn’t started yet. Along with less tourists, you’ll usually see lower prices as you go to book your travel. If you’re lucky, you might also get to see a whale in early April at the tail (no pun intended) end of their time in Hawai’i. This is one of the best places to elope because of the diversity in scenery and the endless possibilities for fun activities on the islands. You can expect daily high temperatures to be in the low 80s°F (27°C), as it is most of the year.

How to plan an elopement in Hawaii

Dreaming of eloping here? Check out the Hawai’i Elopement Guide!

More Amazing Places to Elope in Spring

  • New Zealand | Fall weather
  • Big Sur, California | Spring greenery
  • U.S. Virgin Islands | Warm and sunny
  • Spain | Warm (but not scorching) temperatures
  • Patagonia, Argentina + Chile | Fall weather
  • Costa Rica | Dry season
  • Glen Canyon, Arizona | Perfect desert temperatures
  • Key West, Florida | Great time for water activities

I hope this guide has been helpful as you’re considering a spring elopement! Truly, there are so many amazing places and times of year to elope, and I know it can feel pretty overwhelming. But you deserve your dream elopement day without all the stress! I would absolutely love to take the burden of planning off of you and help you create an unforgettable elopement day and be there to photograph it! To find out more about the adventure elopement planning and photography services I offer, click the “How to Elope” guide below!

Ready to plan your spring elopement?

Hey, I’m Julie — I’d love to help you craft an elopement day full of peace, enjoying nature, and deep connection with each other and document every moment! 📸

Most couples lack the time and expertise to plan an epic elopement day. And that’s why I’m here to help you create a meaningful celebration with ease. ✨


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