How to Elope in New Mexico | Everything You Need to Know to Plan your New Mexico Elopement Wedding

How to elope in New Mexico and plan your elopement

Updated: 4/30/24

New Mexico Elopement Guide

What you’ll find in this New Mexico elopement guide:

Why You Should Elope in New Mexico

Are you thinking of eloping in New Mexico? Our state isn’t called “The Land of Enchantment” for nothing! I mean, have you seen the sunsets?! This state has so much to offer – diverse landscapes, rich culture, tasty food, friendly people, and yes, some of the best sunsets you’ll ever see. But why elope in New Mexico?

  • It’s a hidden gem! While many other areas of the southwest are overrun with tourists, it’s easier to find a quiet spot in the New Mexican outdoors. And traveling through the state can be a lot more economical than many other popular southwestern elopement destinations.
  • Incredible sunsets – New Mexico’s skies are famously beautiful, and our sunsets are some of the best you’ll ever see! Vibrant colors and impressive clouds make “golden hour” and the setting (or rising) sun a must see.
  • It’s easy to get a marriage license – Exact requirements differ based on the county, but in New Mexico you may pick up your marriage license immediately and be married the same day. 
  • Diverse landscapes – mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, rocky cliffs, open deserts, slot canyons, lava rocks, dormant volcanoes – we’ve got it all!
  • There’s plenty of outdoor activities! Not only do we have amazing landscapes, but there are so many fun activities to do outside. Read below for some ideas!

Top 10 Places to Elope in New Mexico

Whether you want to elope at a New Mexico wedding venue or have an outdoor micro wedding, there’s a gorgeous spot just for you! And if you’re lost on where to elope in New Mexico or overwhelmed by the options, let me help! A huge part of my job as an adventure elopement photographer (besides photographing epic outdoor wedding days) is to guide you through that process, do research, and make ceremony location suggestions for you so that you don’t have to worry about finding them. To get you started in the right direction, here are some of my favorite places to elope in New Mexico!

Here’s a list of locations to get married at, but keep reading for more information and photos for each spot!

The 10 Best Places to Elope in New Mexico:

  • Ruidoso
  • White Sands National Park
  • Taos
  • Santa Fe
  • Sandia Crest
  • Albuquerque bosque
  • Sandia foothills
  • Angel Fire
  • Jemez Mountains
  • Abiquiu

Ruidoso Micro Weddings + Elopements

Ruidoso, New Mexico is a beautiful place for a micro wedding or elopement! Head to the mountains for amazing views and some of New Mexico’s greenest scenes. The area is full of fantastic trails for those who are up for a hike, and also some mountain views you can drive to (plus some fun 4×4 roads). There are also a few lakes in the area where you can fish or paddle if you want to add some fun activities to your elopement day. The town of Ruidoso is a cute little place to walk around and explore, and includes great restaurants and shops. If you want to stay overnight in the area, there are plenty of quaint cabins in town or nearby in beautiful forested areas. If you’re exploring Ruidoso in the winter, grab a pass and ski or snowboard at Ski Apache.

If you want a nice mix of mountains and desert for your elopement experience, pair Ruidoso with White Sands National Park, which is only an hour away. You could have your ceremony in the mountains, enjoy fun activities nearby, and then end the day with sunset on the dunes.

White Sands National Park Micro Weddings + Elopements

If you’re looking for somewhere incredibly unique to elope, check out White Sands National Park! The pure white dunes make an amazing backdrop for your elopement ceremony, and sunsets at the park are absolutely beautiful. Find out everything you need to know about getting married in this beautiful national park over at the Ultimate White Sands Elopement Guide!

Taos Micro Weddings + Elopements

Wedding couple hugs at lake in Taos mountains.

Taos has a lot of beautiful scenery to offer for an adventurous elopement! If you love the desert, stand in awe of the impressive Rio Grande Gorge, enjoy the sagebrush-dotted open landscape, walk across the Gorge bridge, and keep an eye out for the big horned sheep that call this area home. Or, head to the mountains for some great hikes on your elopement day! The Taos Ski Valley boasts the state’s tallest peak (Wheeler) along with many other impressive mountains, beautiful forests, and even several colorful lakes. While you’re in the area, check out the amazing history and culture of the Taos Pueblo and its Indigenous People. (Note that the pueblo is currently closed due to the pandemic, so check in advance if you want to visit.)

See what a real Taos desert elopement looks like at this Rio Grande Gorge Adventure Wedding.

Santa Fe Micro Weddings + Elopements

Desert meets mountains and forests in New Mexico’s capital city of Santa Fe. On the outskirts are bush-dotted desert hills, but drive into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (part of the Rocky Mountains) for amazing peaks and shady forests of aspens and pines. The views now matter where you’re at are lovely! Summer in the mountains lets you cool off from the heat at high altitudes and under shady trees. If you’re looking for spectacular fall colors, the mountains outside of Santa Fe are a great place to get married. And there’s even lots on offer in the winter! Some of the area trail are great for snowshoeing, and Ski Santa Fe is a popular spot for winter sports.

Santa Fe is also famous for its art, culture, and food, so be sure to spend some time in this quaint city. Walk through The Plaza, check out locally made goods in shops, try New Mexican cuisine, and enjoy art galleries. There are also several Catholic churches with beautiful architecture to view, including St. Francis Cathedral on the plaza and Loretto Chapel with its famous floating staircase. If you want to relax after a day of eloping and exploring Santa Fe, the plaza area has many luxurious hotels with spa packages like La Posada de Santa Fe, La Fonda, and Hotel Santa Fe. If you’re into relaxing and being pampered in a more natural setting, stay at Ojo Santa Fe and enjoy their beautiful grounds. I highly recommend booking a private hot spring overlooking the pond and then getting a massage!

Read more about Santa Fe elopements:

Sandia Crest Micro Weddings + Elopements

Albuquerque’s Sandia Mountains are a beautiful place to elope and overlook the city. If you’re looking to hike to your ceremony spot, several trails offer beautiful woods and great views. Or find an easily accessible spot by the parking area or Sandia Peak Tram stop. Either way, stay for the sunset!

Albuquerque Micro Weddings + Elopements in the Bosque

Albuquerque’s bosque (riverside forest) is a great place to elope if you want to stay within the city but still enjoy nature on your wedding day. The bosque trails scattered throughout the city along feature views of the Rio Grande River and beautiful cottonwood trees. The area is beautiful year-round, but fall (mid-October to early November) is an especially beautiful time!

Albuquerque Micro Weddings + Elopements in the Sandia Mountain Foothills

In the shadow of the Sandia Mountains is a beautiful desert landscape on the outskirts of Albuquerque. Various areas in the foothills showcase cacti and desert rocks along with up-close mountain views. If you’re staying in Albuquerque and don’t want to travel far, elope in the foothills!

Angel Fire Micro Weddings + Elopements

A popular stop along the Enchanted Circle of northern New Mexico is the resort town of Angel Fire. In the winter, it’s a popular skiing destination, but it’s equally as lovely in the summer. The mountains and valleys are green – a perfect backdrop for your micro wedding or elopement.

Angel Fire Resort Weddings

One of the best Angel Fire wedding venues is the resort. Year-round, the Angel Fire Resort hosts weddings of various sizes at their beautiful ceremony spots. The resort also has several indoor reception spaces to host your wedding guests.

Jemez Mountains Micro Weddings + Elopements

This is one of my favorite places for hiking (and elopements) in New Mexico! The area is full of great trails, beautiful waterfalls, forests of aspen and pine trees, mountain views, hot springs, rivers, and even a lake for kayaking and fishing. There are also some killer camping spots!

Abiquiu Micro Weddings + Elopements

Many couples come to New Mexico for a lovely desert scene for their elopement, and the Abiquiu area is the perfect place! Open skies and interesting rock formations dot the landscape at this ideal elopement location. Whether you love red rocks, the clean look of white stone, distant buttes, or up close canyons, you’ll love having your wedding in Abiquiu.

Ghost Ranch Weddings + Elopements

One of the most popular locations in the area for weddings is Ghost Ranch, home of painter Georgia O’Keeffe. With gorgeous hiking trails, lodging, a campground, and multiple ceremony and reception spots, it’s the perfect place for your elopement or wedding.

Hidden Gem Micro Wedding + Elopement Locations in New Mexico

New Mexico offers SO many beautiful places to get married, and I would love to help you discover your perfect spot! As your elopement photographer and planner, a big part of my job is searching for and suggesting amazing locations that will be the right fit for you and your wedding day. It can definitely feel overwhelming and stressful to try to find a place to elope, but you don’t have to do it alone!

I’ll guide you through my special process to help you discover your vision. Then, using those results, I’ll do the research and give you a hand-selected list of locations with detailed information and inspirational photos. My years of experience help me find spots that are both beautiful and more private so that you can have the best ceremony experience. All you have to do is pick your favorite one, and enjoy the most amazing day!

Thinking of eloping in New Mexico? I’d love to help you plan your dream elopement day and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

Small Wedding Venues in New Mexico for an Elopement or Micro Wedding

Couples walks through lavender field at Los Poblanos Farm on their elopement day.

Desert Harbor Retreat near Albuquerque

Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu

Brush Ranch River Lodge near Pecos

Los Poblanos Historic Inn + Farm in Albuquerque

Things to do in New Mexico

You won’t be bored! Here are some outdoor activities to do on your trip to New Mexico or even as a part of your awesome elopement wedding day:

  • 💦 Whitewater raft down the Rio Grande River
  • 🐴 Ride horses through desert hills
  • 🛞 Explore 4×4 roads in a Jeep or ATV
  • 🌶️ Taste local foods, including green and red chile
  • 🏕️ Camp under the stars
  • 🥾 Hike or trail run
  • 🚴🏽‍♀️ Mountain bike on trails or tracks
  • 🦉 Watch birds in Bosque del Apache or the Rio Grande bosque
  • 🎣 Fish in New Mexico’s lakes and rivers
  • 🚡 Ride the tram to Sandia Crest
  • ❄️ Ski, snowboard, cross country ski, or snowshoe in snowy months
  • 🧗🏽‍♂️ Rock climb on ancient stone
  • ♨️ Soak in thermal hot springs
  • 🛷 Sled down sand dunes at White Sands National Park
  • 🚙 Drive the Enchanted Circle
  • 🎨 Enjoy local art and culture
  • 🏞️ Visit National Park Service sites
  • ☀️ Learn about Native American culture
  • 🚂 Ride the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad or Railrunner
  • 🎈 Float in a hot air balloon or watch the mass ascension at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
  • 🛶 Kayak or canoe along lakes and rivers

Thinking of eloping in New Mexico? I’d love to help you plan your dream elopement day and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

When to Elope in New Mexico

Honestly, New Mexico is lovely year-round, but we certainly have pros and cons to each of our seasons. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year and (in my opinion) the best time to visit New Mexico, but the state has lots to offer throughout other seasons. Read below to find out more about each season and eloping in New Mexico.

Spring Elopements in New Mexico

Spring is definitely a mixed bag when it comes to the weather! Temperatures often begin to warm up around mid February and continue into the end of April or beginning of May before becoming especially hot. But in that time period, the weather can fluctuate a lot! Expect snow, warm sunny days, maybe even some rain, and lots of wind in a New Mexico spring. Average daytime temperatures range from 50°F to 75°F – we get a lot of wonderfully warm sunny days, but we also see unexpected snowfall and extremely windy days. And let’s talk about wind for a minute. New Mexico is unique in that we often get many VERY windy days in the spring. We’re talking so much dust in the air that you can’t see views that are usually very clear. Now, not every day in spring is like this, and there are certainly windy days that are less drastic, but it is something to keep in mind. During our spring, trees sprout their leaves, snow melts in the high elevations, and (with some rain) the desert greens up a bit.

Summer Elopements in New Mexico

Summer is hot hot (but a dry heat)! From May to September we’ve got plenty of sun and very hot days (New Mexico boasts 300+ days of sun a year). With low humidity, the heat isn’t so bad, but it’s definitely a consideration. Just a few minutes out in the direct sun can leave you dehydrated, tired, and sunburned. But evenings are delightful, most days are sunny, and the mountains are green. We do have a monsoon season that lasts from July through August and into the beginning of September. What does that mean? We get very little precipitation throughout the year, but when we do get rain, it’s now. The day may start out without a cloud in the sky, but by afternoon big fluffy clouds are crowding in and you’ll likely get an intense rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon or early evening. Many times these storms last only 15 or 20 minutes, but they dump a ton of rain! Because of all the moisture, this is when the desert comes alive! The landscape turns from neutral colors to vibrant greens, and desert and mountain wildflowers bloom. It’s beautiful!

Fall Elopements in New Mexico

Fall is a magical time in New Mexico! Temperatures are cooling down and the cottonwood and aspen tree leaves are turning to beautiful golden colors. In the higher elevations of northern New Mexico (like Taos, Santa Fe, and the Jemez Mountains) the peak leaf time is a short one or two week window around the last week in September or the first week in October, depending on the location. The colors work their way down and hit the cottonwood trees around Albuquerque and the lower elevations from mid October to mid November. Often, snow holds off until mid November or into December, but occasionally the fall leaves will collide with an early snowfall. 

Winter Elopements in New Mexico

Winter is a great time to get out in the desert or enjoy the mountain snow! If you love winter sports like snowshoeing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, or sledding, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in the northern parts of the state and high mountain elevations. Angel Fire Resort, Ski Santa Fe, and Taos Ski Valley are just a few of the popular winter sports spots. And if you’re dreaming of eloping in the New Mexico desert, this is a great time to do it! You don’t have to worry about heat or rattlesnakes and are free to explore the vast wildernesses of interesting rocks and cacti.

Thinking of eloping in New Mexico? I’d love to help you plan your dream elopement day and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

How to Plan Your New Mexico Elopement with the Weather

As with any time you’re out exploring nature, it’s important to be well prepared for anything that might come your way. Here are a few things to know about eloping in New Mexico:

  • Temperatures can change quickly, so bring layers to warm up or cool down as you need. Even in the summer, high elevation areas can be pretty chilly.
  • And speaking of elevation, you’ll want to bring sunscreen anyway, but especially when you’re in the mountains. 
  • Expect the unexpected with weather, and definitely prepare for strong winds in the spring and big storms in July and August afternoons.
  • Bring LOTS of water (more than you think you need) any time of year. With low humidity in New Mexico, it’s easy to lose water without realizing it. And you’ll be happier on your elopement day if you’re well hydrated. (Bonus tip: save some plastic by bringing a reusable water bottle and refills!)
  • Choose desert locations in the winter and cooler months, and save mountain spots for the hot summers.
  • If you do want to hit up a desert location in a warm month, plan for the cooler temperatures at sunrise or sunset.
  • Our winters do include snow, although most of it melts quickly in urban or low altitude areas. If you’re interested in a winter elopement in the mountains, be prepared to trek through quite a few feet of snow!

New Mexico Marriage License + Laws

New Mexico is one of the easiest US states to be married in, which is awesome! And don’t worry if you’re coming in from another state or country, it’s still an easy process. Both partners (18 or older) must be present and bring to the county clerk’s office a photo ID and social security card to obtain their marriage license. After giving your information and paying a $25 fee, you’ll walk about with the license in hand and ready to go! In some counties, you’ll have up to 90 days to do your ceremony and fill out the license, but others have no expiration date.

You’ll need an officiant (see below who can marry you in New Mexico) and two witnesses to sign with you. If you’re having a super private ceremony and don’t have witnesses, don’t worry! I’m always up for signing (a perk of being an elopement photographer!), and we can usually find a happy hiker in the area to be your second witness. Once everything is signed, you’ll need to drop off or mail your license back to the clerk’s office to receive your marriage certificate. Marriage licenses in New Mexico are also available in Spanish.

Each county has their own specific marriage license requirements and laws, so be sure to look up the information of the county you plan to elope in. Here are some links to popular counties: 

Bernalillo County Marriage License Information (Albuquerque area)

Santa Fe County Marriage License Information (Santa Fe area)

Lincoln County Marriage License Information (Ruidoso area)

Taos County Marriage License Information (Taos + Red River area)

Colfax County Marriage License Information (Angel Fire + Eagle Nest area)

Rio Arriba Marriage License Information (Abiquiu area)

COVID-19 update: Some New Mexico counties are not currently issuing marriage licenses in person or are requiring an appointment. Call or find your county’s information online to find out what you’ll need to do to be legally married.

Who Can Perform a Marriage in New Mexico?

Here’s something awesome: anyone who is licensed, ordained, or certified to perform a wedding ceremony can marry you in New Mexico! So what does that mean? Yes, you can hire an officiant or schedule a ceremony with a judge, but you can also be married by a friend or family member. New Mexico recognizes Universal Life Church ordination, which anyone can quickly and easily receive online. If you want your ceremony to feel intimate and be led by someone you love, this is a great option for your elopement or micro wedding.

Permits for Weddings on New Mexico Public Lands + Native American Reservations

New Mexico boasts some incredible public lands that are perfect for your elopement or micro wedding, but some of these areas require a permit to hold a ceremony and/or for photography. Contact the Bureau of Land Management directly to find out if your chosen location and your elopement/wedding setup will require a permit. It really depends on the exact spot and your plans as to whether or not a permit is needed for your ceremony or professional photography. Some of the National Park Service sites also require permits, but check with each park individually (I always recommend calling and chatting with the permit department for accurate information). Much of our beautiful mountains and forests are a part of National Forest Service land. Check with the specific region you’re looking at to see what their regulations and permit policies are. And when it comes to pueblos and Native American land, please ALWAYS check with the tribal government to see if you may be married and photographed in an area. This land is sacred to them and should be respected and appreciated. Many pueblos do not allow photography except in designated areas (or none at all), so it’s very important to check. And with all land, please treat it well (follow the Leave No Trace principles as best you can) and leave it better than you found it.

How to Travel to New Mexico + Where to Stay

Unless you’re driving, you’ll likely fly into Albuquerque International Sunport to travel to New Mexico. Albuquerque is the largest city in the state, and it has by far the “biggest” airport, but you can also fly into Santa Fe or La Cruces (usually more expensive flights). If you’re driving, you can follow the nostalgic Route 66 through the state, or take one of the faster interstates.

And once you’re here, head to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Las Cruces for city activities and shopping or head out to the small towns of New Mexico for a cozy and quaint stay. Explore Old Town Albuquerque from the Route 66 El Vado Motel, roast marshmallows from your vintage Airstream at Hotel Luna Mystica in Taos, or hang out with your friends and family at Entrada Azul, a Santa Fe adobe Airbnb home.

Eloping in the “Land of Enchantment” is guaranteed to be an amazing, gorgeous, and adventure-filled experience. If you’re wondering where to start with planning or where to elope in New Mexico, I would love to chat with you and answer those questions. And if you’re looking for a local adventure wedding photographer for your New Mexico elopement, let’s connect! Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch. Here’s to your rad elopement wedding in New Mexico!

Ready to plan your New Mexico elopement?

Hey, I’m Julie — I’d love to help you craft an elopement day full of peace, enjoying nature, and deep connection with each other and document every moment! 📸

Most couples lack the time and expertise to plan an epic elopement day. And that’s why I’m here to help you create a meaningful celebration with ease. ✨


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