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Mountain Elopement Guide

Is there anything better than being in the mountains? Getting married in the mountains! Can you imagine how absolutely amazing it would be to say your vows on the top of a mountain, or with snowy peaks as your background? Getting married in the mountains is totally doable and will definitely give you an elopement day to remember. But where do you start to make your dream wedding day happen? Read on to find out how to plan your mountain elopement, when to elope in the mountains, and what are the best places to get married in the mountains!

What you’ll find in this mountain elopement guide:

Mountain Elopement FAQs

Can you get married in the mountains?

Yes, you can totally get married in the mountains! It takes a little extra planning, but it’s well worth it. Read below for more info on how to make your mountain elopement happen!

How do you plan a mountain elopement?

To plan your mountain elopement, start by envisioning your day, picking a place and date, and then filling in the details. Read more to see tips + the best steps for planning a mountain elopement!

How do you get married at the top of a mountain?

Have an officiant marry you in a ceremony on top of a mountain with beautiful views! To get to the mountain top, you’ll need to hike or drive an offroad vehicle (so fun!). Plan your ceremony and wedding day using the tips below.

Where can you elope in the mountains?

The Top 25 Locations to Elope in the Mountains Around the World:

  1. San Juan Mountains, Colorado
  2. Alps, Switzerland
  3. Hawai’ian Islands, Hawai’i
  4. Kananaskis Mountain Range, Canada
  5. Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming
  6. The Andes + Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina + Chile
  7. Olympic Mountains, Washington
  8. Dolomites, Italy
  9. Alaska Range + Denali, Alaska
  10. Lofoten Islands, Norway
  11. Sierra Nevadas, California
  12. Aoraki (Mount Cook), New Zealand
  13. Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
  14. Red + Black Cuillin Mountains, Scotland
  15. Cascade Mountains, Washington
  16. Brecon Beacons, Wales
  17. Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
  18. Highland Mountains, Iceland
  19. White Mountains, New Hampshire
  20. Knuckles Mountain Range, Sri Lanka
  21. Superstition Mountains, Arizona
  22. Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria
  23. Mount Rainier, Washington
  24. Picos de Europa, Spain
  25. Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

How to Plan Your Mountain Elopement

An amazing mountain elopement doesn’t just happen – you have to do some planning! 😉 Some elements of the planning process are typical of most adventure elopements, but others are very specific to mountain locations. As an adventure elopement planner and photographer, helping couples with all of this is one of my favorite things to do. I take on the big task of finding amazing places to elope in the mountains, figuring out logistics, and more so that you can just relax and enjoy getting married! You can find out more about the planning and photography services I offer over on my Mountain Elopement Packages page.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

5 Steps for Planning Your Mountain Elopement

Start planning your mountain elopement by thinking about your vision for the day. It’s totally okay if you don’t have a clear picture of every detail, but you need to know what your core expectations and ideas are. Are there some adventurous activities you’d like to do? Maybe a specific season or type of mountain scenery? Once you know what you’re aiming for, you can move on to choosing a date or location. These two are foundational to planning your mountain elopement and are intertwined. Sometimes the location dictates your date options, and other times the season you want to get married in will narrow down your mountain location choices. And finally, you’ll fill in all the details of what activities you want to do, which elopement vendors you’ll hire, and what traditions or decorations you want to include. If all of this sounds like a bit more than you want to take on alone, I’d love to help you plan your mountain elopement!

Find out more about planning your mountain elopement:

The Guide to How to Elope

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Mountain Elopement Planning Tips

Select the Right Outfits for Your Mountain Elopement

Mountain elopements are definitely different from your average traditional wedding, and what you wear should be as well. Whatever you and your partner choose to wear, be sure you can move around easily and feel comfortable in your clothes. If one of you is wearing a dress, check if you can lift your knee, just like you would stepping up onto a rock. Check out my adventure elopement dress guide for even more tips. You’ll also both want to bring layers – the high elevation sun and excursion of hiking can make you too warm, but you also want good jackets in case of wind or dropping temperatures. Speaking of the sun, don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect from the high intensity UV rays. My last tip about your elopement outfits is to have great footwear. Eloping on a mountain usually means the ground is rocky and you’re near steep paths or cliffs. It’s super important to have a boot or shoe that will protect your feet from rocks and has a tread that will keep you from slipping. I highly recommend your favorite hiking boots and encourage you to stay away from heels and treadless dress shoes.

Find out more about the perfect dress for your mountain elopement:

Consider the Weather When Eloping in the Mountains

Temperatures and weather in the mountains can change quickly and dramatically, so it’s important to be aware and prepared. Even on the hottest days of the year, mountain top locations can be quite cold and vastly different from nearby low elevation places. You might also have the possibility of snow, heavy rain, and lightning at any time of year. Some mountain areas have specific weather patterns that are more likely, so do your research and know what to expect. A great example of this is the mountains of New Mexico – July through early September, monsoon storms crop up quickly in the afternoons, bringing heavy rain and lightning. 

Be Aware of Mountain Wildlife

Mountain locations are wild, and so are the animals! Be alert and informed about whatever wildlife lives in the area. It’s also important to know how to handle an encounter with potentially dangerous animals. If you’re in bear country, talk loudly as you’re hiking or bring a bear bell and bear spray. If you’re backpacking or planning to camp overnight, you’ll definitely need to have a plan for keeping your food away from hungry critters.

Create a Backup Plan for Your Mountain Elopement

With mountains having so many unpredictable elements involved, it’s possible that your elopement plans could be interrupted. It’s always smart to have a backup plan, but especially if you’re getting married in the mountains. When I’m helping couples plan their elopement, I always make sure we have alternative options. And yes, I’ve had to use them several times! So what makes a good backup plan? You’ll definitely want to have a low elevation location alternative in case of lightning, road closures, frigid temperatures, or bad weather. I also recommend another location in the mountains with similar scenery that you can switch to if your particular elopement spot is unavailable. That way you’ll get a similar experience if the first plan doesn’t work out.

Be Fully Prepared on Your Elopement Day

Expect the unexpected any time you’re out in nature, but especially in the mountains. Even though you’re eloping, you still need to bring The 10 Hiking Essentials  and a first aid kit. Don’t rely fully on your phones or vehicle GSP to get you where you’re going – always have a paper map and directions for driving and hiking. It’s also very common to have no cell phone signal in the mountains, so don’t be expecting it. A lot of the information I shared above is about being aware of how getting married in the mountains is a different experience and how to be prepared. Just be informed and have what you need for a fun day in a beautiful place!

What Time of Year to Elope in the Mountains

For mountains in warm or desert locations, the time of year you elope there may not make a huge difference. But with most mountain places, you’ll need to think about temperatures, weather, and what the scenery looks like at different seasons. High elevation or northern hemisphere mountains will probably be snow covered through the winter and spring, and sometimes even into early summer. If you’re wanting a snowy elopement, that’s perfect! But if you are envisioning grassy hills, deciduous trees with leaves, and dry hiking trails, you’ll want to elope in the summer months. Also take note of when roads are open and if 4WD or tire chains are required to access mountain areas, no matter the season. Of course, all of this depends on the exact location, so be sure to get all the information before you start planning the details of your wedding. 

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

The Best Places to Get Married in the Mountains | United States

San Juan Mountains | Southwest Colorado

I’ll be honest, the San Juan Mountains are some of my absolute favorite, especially for elopements. The hidden gem of Colorado, this area is full of beauty, colorful scenery, and gorgeous peaks. It also happens to be one of the best places in the world for Jeeping and off-roading! Sprinkled throughout the area are nineteenth century mining towns – some fully functional and others are now dilapidated ghost towns. The Red Mountains near Ouray bring vibrant orange colors to the landscape, and many other mountains are covered in bright green vegetation. If you’re up for a real adventure for your elopement, you can drive 4×4 roads or hike high altitude trails into these amazing mountains. But even if you want to take it easy on your wedding day, you’ll be able to get a taste of the gorgeous San Juan Mountains in more easily accessible ways.

Find out more about eloping in the San Juan Mountains:

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Hawai’ian Islands | Hawai’i

You won’t find any other places in the U.S. quite like Hawai’i’s tropical and volcanic mountains! While much of the land is covered in lush forest, some peaks, like Maua Kea, are bare and rocky. The Big Island gives you the opportunity to see signs of an active volcano, or even lava flow at particular times. Each of the Hawai’ian islands have beautiful mountains to offer, although Oahu tends to be a more built up island. And with coastline all over, you can combine your elopement day mountain adventures with snorkeling or sunset on the beach!

It’s really important to note that some mountain locations in Hawai’i are not available for elopements because they are sacred to the native Hawai’ians or are closed because they’re dangerous. If you want to elope in Hawai’i, find a photographer and planner who will help you find great locations that are legal and culturally okay and who will check if permits are needed.

Find out more about eloping in the Hawai’ian Islands’ Mountains:

Oahu Elopement Locations (That Aren’t Beaches)

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Grand Teton Mountains | Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is home to some of the most famous, and in my opinion majestic, mountains in the United States – the Teton Mountains. These 40 miles of mountains rise up out of the landscape in an impressive display. If you’re visiting Grand Teton National Park, you’ll find great trails and fun things to do year round such as backpacking, fishing, snowshoeing, boating, and horseback riding. Whether you want to get married within the park or outside the boundaries, there’s beautiful mountain views everywhere for your elopement!

Find out more about eloping in Grand Teton National Park:

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Olympic Mountains | Washington

Washington’s Olympic Mountains in the Olympic Peninsula are a special place to elope. Not only are the mountains incredibly beautiful, but they’re also surrounded by stunning forests and gorgeous coastlines. That’s why I think Olympic National Park is one of the best places in the U.S. to elope! Within these mountains, you’ll find roaring waterfalls, fantastic views, and plenty of natural beauty for your elopement experience. And these mountains are close by to both Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, making it an easy area to access.

Find out more about eloping in the Olympic Mountains:

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Denali + the Alaska Range | Alaska

With a summit elevation of 20,310 feet, Denali is North America’s highest mountain peak. Taking the dangerous journey to the top of Denali might not be a part of your elopement day adventures, but you can certainly admire its beauty from a distance. Denali and the Alaska Range are the perfect destination for couples wanting to elope in the U.S. but with a remote and wild feel to the scenery. If you’re eloping in the winter, you’ll need to explore by snowshoes, skis, ski-equipped airplane, or a dog sled. In the summer season, enjoy wildflowers, take in the views from the air, view wildlife, and hike through the scenery. You can enjoy the area year round in Denali National Park!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Sierra Nevada Mountains | California

These mountains cover a vast area over eastern California, running 400 miles long, so you’ll have plenty of elopement locations to choose from! The light colored granite of the Sierra Nevadas set them apart from many other mountains and make a beautiful backdrop for your elopement. California’s vast Sierra Nevada Mountains include famous landmarks such as Lake Tahoe, Mt. Whitney, and iconic Yosemite National Park.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

North Cascade Mountains | Washington

Getting married in the U.S. portion of the North Cascade mountains will not disappoint you! Glaciers, rugged peaks, and vibrant lakes dot the landscape in this Washington mountain range. You’ll have no shortage of beautiful places to elope and explore – a couple of popular spots are North Cascades National Park and the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest area, both beautiful public lands.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Blue Ridge Mountains | North Carolina

When you think of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you probably envision waves of silhouetted mountains with fog gently rolling through (like the photo below). That’s iconic for western North Carolina’s mountains! Although the Blue Ridge Mountains aren’t the highest or most rugged peaks in the United States, they are some of the most beautiful in the Southeast. In the summer, mountainsides will be covered with wild blueberries, mountain laurel, and rhododendron flowers. October entices visitors from all over the world to see displays of mountain after mountain full of beautiful fall foliage. The Blue Ridge area has many great places to elope, including the Blue Ridge Parkway and plenty of Forest Service land.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Sawtooth Mountains | Idaho

In central Idaho lie the Sawtooth Mountains, part of the famous Rocky Mountains. With nearly 400 lakes and over 700 miles of trails in the area, you’ll definitely find beautiful mountain scenery and fun things to do for your elopement. Go mountain biking, fishing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, or even just enjoy a lakeside picnic. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is an especially great place to elope within the mountains.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

White Mountains | New Hampshire

A fourth of the state of New Hampshire is covered by the beautiful White Mountains. Whether you choose to take a scenic ride by car or train and hike easy trails or tackle more difficult trails and climb some rocks, the White Mountains are a great place for your elopement! You’ll also have the opportunity to see many quintessential covered bridges, one of New England’s claims to fame. If you visit Mt Washington, the tallest peak in northeastern North America, you may be able to catch a glimpse of Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and even into Canada.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Mount Rainier | Washington

Yes, Washington state makes the list again with another amazing mountain elopement location: Mt Rainier. Although everything is covered in snow throughout the winter, the summer brings a fresh swath of wildflowers. The vibrant colors and green grasses along trails and overlooks make Mt Rainier National Park one of the most scenic places to elope.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Superstition Mountains | Arizona

If you love the desert and mountains, the Superstitions of Arizona might be your dream place to elope. With their location just outside of the Phoenix area, these mountains are easy to access and find lodging nearby. As you walk the trails beneath the mountains, you’ll find the iconic saguaro cacti and desert shrubs dotting the landscape. In the summer months, this area is too hot to be enjoyable, but I highly recommend planning your winter elopement here!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Sangre de Cristo Mountains | New Mexico

You may think of New Mexico as a flat desert state, but we actually have plenty of beautiful peaks, including the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rockies. Enjoy the scenery of rivers, lakes, and snow capped peaks when you elope in these northern New Mexico mountains. You’ll also find great art and culture in the nearby towns of Taos, Red River, and Santa Fe. Summer in these mountains gives you a break from the desert heat. Fall offers beautiful views from the changing aspen leaves, and in the winter you can ski, snowboard, and snowshoe through the mountain trails.

Find out more about eloping in New Mexico’s mountains:

Thinking of eloping in the U.S. mountains? I’d love to help you find the PERFECT spot, plan your dream elopement day, and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

The Best Places to Get Married in the Mountains | International

Scottish Highlands + Islands | Scotland

There’s something so magical about the green mountains and rolling hills of Scotland’s highlands and islands. Along the coastline in places like Isle of Skye, the rugged rocks plunge into the ocean with dramatic beauty. My husband and I renewed our vows atop a mountain in Trossachs National Park, and it was such an amazing experience to hike to the peak. Our intimate ceremony was certainly chilly and windblown, but the views made it well worth it! Although some areas are “insta-famous,” there are still so many quiet areas to enjoy. Hiking trails (locally called “hill walks” are in abundance throughout Scotland, making it the perfect place for your international mountain elopement!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Lofoten Islands | Norway

The Lofoten Islands are truly an awe-inspiring place where mountains meet the sea. This Norse archipelago is a place of dramatic scenery and interesting culture. If you love both the mountains and ocean and are having a difficult time choosing between them for your elopement, you won’t have to compromise here! Although it’s easier (and greener) to get married in the summer, winter brings a chance to witness the aurora borealis.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Dolomites | Italian Alps

When you think of an elopement in Italy, you may envision a wedding at a romantic villa, Tuscan vineyards, or even the shores of Positano. But did you know that northeastern Italy has some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, which are perfect for an elopement wedding? The countless alpine trails and picturesque lakes of the Dolomites are an ideal setting for the adventure and romance of a destination elopement. Having photographed a mountain elopement there, I can tell you it will be an unforgettable experience and incredibly beautiful. Plus, you can explore the rest of Italy for your honeymoon, or duck into nearby Switzerland, Lichtenstein, or Austria.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Highland Mountains | Iceland

Iceland has quickly become one of the biggest destinations for elopements as well as travel in general. There’s an incredible wild beauty in Iceland that makes it an amazing place to get married. While certain Instagram-famous locations are not teeming with tourists, the Highland Mountains are still very unpopulated. You’ll find desert sands, mossy hillsides, crashing waterfalls, and ice-capped peaks. With the geothermal activity of the land, you’ll also experience lava fields and hot springs to soak in at the end of your elopement day. If you envision getting married in some otherworldly mountain scene, you won’t want to miss the rust colored Kerlingarfjöll area.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Alps | Switzerland

The Alps are quite possibly the most famous mountains in the world, and for good reason. Although these mountains stretch through several European countries, Switzerland holds the greatest portion of the range and the iconic Matterhorn. The Swiss Alps have more than just mountain hiking to offer for you adventure elopement. Stay in picturesque mountain towns and villages, try paragliding or rafting, or take a scenic ride in a cable car.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Aoraki (Mount Cook) | New Zealand

Aoraki (Mount Cook) is the highest mountain in New Zealand at ​​12,218 feet, and sits in the Southern Alps of the island. This popular destination is perfect for couples who want big scenery and a wedding day full of adventure. You can get married on a glacier, experience the views from a helicopter, and hike some world class trails. While you’re in New Zealand, explore the rest of the island as part of your honeymoon adventures!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Kananaskis Mountain Range | Canada

Placed in the Canadian Rockies, the Kananaskis Mountains are bursting with breathtaking scenery. If you’re envisioning your elopement ceremony on the banks of an ice blue lake with towering mountains in the background, this could be the place. If you want to see these wonders from above, you can even take a helicopter tour of the area – what an amazing wedding day experience!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Brecon Beacons | Wales

Wales might be an overlooked adventure elopement destination, but it truly has so much beauty to offer! Hiking in Brecon Beacons National Park gives you a feeling of being in a remote area, but quaint villages with comfy beds and delicious local food are never very far. The area offers more than just hiking – you can mountain bike, fish, horseback ride, hang glide, kayak, white water paddle, and watch the stars in this official Dark Sky Preserve. Honestly, that sounds like the perfect adventurous elopement day!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

The Andes + Mount Fitz Roy | Patagonia, Argentina + Chile

Mount Fitz Roy (Cherro Chalton) is one of the most famous landmarks of the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, and one of the most recognizable mountains in the world. This region is at the southern tip of South America, spanning through Argentina and Chile. If you want the best weather for your elopement, travel to Patagonia is recommended in the summer – generally November to March. There’s no shortage of adventures here in this rugged and breathtaking landscape!

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Knuckles Mountain Range | Sri Lanka

This UNESCO World Heritage site is full of lush forests, streams, and beautiful waterfalls throughout the mountains. Guides are required if you want to hike through the Knuckles Mountain range, but it’s well worth it to experience the scenery of central Sri Lanka. As you explore the mountains, you’ll also come across intriguing caves, amazing overlooks, and culturally rich villages.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Picos de Europa | Northern Spain

One of the most underrated places in Spain, Picos de Europa is an area of mountains in northern Spain. Amazing hiking trails take you to beautiful views, scenic lakes, and give you the opportunity to see wildlife such as golden eagles, wild boar, and otters. You’ll also have the ability to add more adventure to your elopement day with activities like kayaking, caving, and canyoning. If you want to take things easy, you can relax by beautiful lakes or meander through remote villages in the mountains.

Let’s make your dream mountain elopement happen!

Pirin Mountains | Bulgaria

Located in the southwest or Bulgaria, the Pirin Mountains and their national park hold some incredible scenery that would be perfect for your destination elopement. These limestone mountains include rugged peaks reaching up to 9,560 feet, beautiful waterfalls, glacial lakes, intriguing caves, and more. If you want to hike on your elopement day, there are many trails to choose from, including a portion of the international long distance route, E4.

Thinking of eloping in the mountains internationally? I’d love to help you find the PERFECT spot, plan your dream elopement day, and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

Mountain Elopement + Wedding Photos to Inspire You

Are you so excited about the possibility of eloping in the mountains? There’s just nothing quite like the fresh air, big views, and the feeling of being so small compared to the majestic peaks. Be inspired by the mountain elopement photos below and see what it’s really like to get married in the mountains! You’ve seen the list of the best places to get married in the mountains around the world, and how diverse the scenery is. Use these inspiration photos to get a feel for what kind of mountain scenes speak to you.

Sometimes it’s difficult to envision how your love of mountains can be turned into an amazing elopement day, but I’m here to help! As your mountain elopement photographer, I’ll help you with the planning like navigating permits, building a timeline, picking the best spots, designing a fun elopement day, and more.

I’d love to help you plan your dream elopement day and photograph your adventure! Contact me and we’ll make it happen.

Eloping in the mountains is guaranteed to be an amazing, gorgeous, and adventure-filled experience. If you’re wondering how to start with planning or where to elope in the mountains, I would love to chat with you and answer those questions. And if you’re looking for an experienced adventure wedding photographer for your mountain elopement, let’s connect! Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch. Here’s to your awesome mountain elopement! 🥂

Ready to plan your mountain elopement?

Hey, I’m Julie — I’d love to help you craft an elopement day full of peace, enjoying nature, and deep connection with each other and document every moment! 📸

Most couples lack the time and expertise to plan an epic elopement day. And that’s why I’m here to help you create a meaningful celebration with ease. ✨


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