Snowy Red Rock Elopement at Desert Harbor Retreat

This Desert Harbor Retreat elopement was pure magic! Cassie + Morgan planned a southwestern desert elopement in New Mexico expecting sunny skies and warm spring weather. But a few tiny snow flakes early in the day turned into a full-on snow storm that turned the red rocks at Desert Harbor Retreat into a winter wonderland. The giant snowflakes added an air of magic to the intimate elopement ceremony with Morgan and Cassie’s family. The soft sound of snow falling, the warmth of the fire, and the couple’s vows echoing off the red rocks made for a magical moment.

The unexpected weather didn’t keep Cassie and Morgan from eloping, and they actually were super excited for the snow! Growing up in California, Morgan had actually never seen snow in person and had so much fun with Cassie making a tiny snowman and having a snowball fight. After their ceremony and a brief break for cake and champagne, they explored the desert hills at Desert Harbor. They ended the day with a sweet “first dance” by candle light – the perfect end to a snowy elopement day!

Elopement Vendors:

Location | Desert Harbor Retreat

Hair + Makeup | Genica Lee

Flowers | Floral Fetish

Cake | Carole Kozak

Officiant | Raymond of Desert Harbor Retreat

Photography | Julie Haider

White lace boots for southwestern bride eloping
Bride snuggles a white lamb
Blue kerosene lanterns sit on the ground as elopement ceremony decorations
Family gathers for red rock elopement ceremony in the snow with umbrellas.
In snowy desert scene with red rocks and pine trees, family watches elopement ceremony
Couple says vows at elopement ceremony at Desert Harbor Retreat.
Groom looks lovingly at bride as she says her vows with snow falling
Bride in white fur shawl wrap says vows at her elopement
Small elopement cake with succulents and roses on a rustic wood block with candles.
Bride and groom kiss in the desert snow of New Mexico
Bride swishes dress in the snow at Desert Harbor Retreat.
Adventurous bride shows off her red rock stained elopement dress
Eloping couple walks through the red rock canyon at Desert Harbor Retreat
Bride and groom hold hands and enjoy the winter scene of snow in the desert
Bride and groom have a snowball fight on their elopement day
Bride and groom run through the snow on their elopement day at Desert Harbor Retreat
Groom makes tiny snowman
Eloping couple holds vintage lanterns and walks through labyrinth at Desert Harbor Retreat
Elopement couple looks out at view from red rocks
Couple hikes up a hill in the red rocks of Desert Harbor Retreat for their elopement
A bride's diamond ring and a groom's unique wood and turquoise inlaid wedding ring sit in the snow
A couple looks lovingly at each other by the light of a lantern while standing in the snow

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  1. Ali Horner says:

    This winter wedding is absolutely gorgeous. Their connection is beautiful. You told their story so well

  2. Naomi Levit says:

    Omg the baby goat and the snow and the red rocks!!! Soooo magical! You captured this desert elopement perfectly! Really beautiful wedding.

  3. Sienna says:

    Surprise snow on their wedding day?! Talk about magical! What gorgeous photos!

  4. Carolina says:

    Could you ask for any more magical weather? I don’t think so. These are so so so good. I can’t believe it snowed and I love how they just embraced it. Looked like a fantastic day and you really captured it beautifully, it was almost like being there myself. Beautiful photos <3

  5. Connor B says:

    From never seeing snow to becoming a Snow Queen on her wedding day – so incredibly special! Can you ask for a more memorable day? They are so lucky that you captured their once-in-a-lifetime day so beautifully.

  6. Ashley Smith says:

    I’ve never loved snow so much!!

  7. I am just in awe the bride rocked her dress…in that snowy winter wonderland! Beautiful

  8. the contrast of the red rocks and the snow is just stunning! what a beautiful day!

  9. Amazing work. Big respect, these are great.

  10. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!

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