how to elope
in 5 Steps

Don’t want to do this all alone?

You deserve to enjoy a meaningful + unforgettable elopement day without the pressure of planning! 

Maybe you’re considering eloping, but you’re not sure what all you need to do to make it happen. How do you elope? Follow the 5 steps below to start creating your dream elopement day!

How far you want to travel
What scenery you enjoy
What the weather will be like
How much privacy you want
Venue or park (Read about how to elope in a national park)
What permits are needed for public lands
If the location accommodates your desired activities

I’m here to help you skip over all the stress and walk you through the steps to finding the perfect location for your day. After booking your elopement with me, I’ll guide you through my special process to help you discover your vision. Using those results, I’ll do the research and give you a hand-selected list of locations with detailed information and inspirational photos. All you have to do is pick your favorite one, and enjoy the most amazing day!

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How to elope

Pick a location

There are so many amazing elopement locations throughout the world, so how do you choose?!


“Julie helped us find the perfect spot to have our elopement ceremony. She is super knowledgeable + easy to work with.”

Corey + Karla

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Your ideal weather conditions at your location
Location tourist season and busiest days
Weekdays are generally quieter at crowded locations
Dates that are special to you

I’m here to help you craft your elopement day from scratch. Whether or not you have a date or location picked out already, we can go ahead and start working together! I’ll advise you on the best time to elope at a location, or what locations are best for your date.

Choose a date

Want help filling in all the details?

You don’t have to have it all figured out before booking with me!


Now that you have a location in mind, it’s time to pick a day to elope!

“Not only does she care about the pictures, but she cares about US as people!”

Midori + Alex

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As we work together, I’ll share creative ways to translate your hobbies, relationship history, and vision into tangible ideas and personal touches to add to your elopement day. Next, I’ll design a timeline for you that ensures you have a great experience AND great photos. Then you get to enjoy a fun day without puzzling over the details!

Build your dream elopement day

With so many possibilities...

it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. But don’t worry, I’ll work with you to create a super personalized day!


What your ideal day together looks like
What activities are available in your elopement location area
Meaningful moments from your relationship history
What’s on your bucket list
Your interests and hobbies

You deserve to have an epic day together, but what could that look like?

“She is professional, organized, creative, and went above and beyond to make our day incredibly special! I was AMAZED at the brilliant ideas she presented for our elopement.”

Elizabeth + Austin

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Your amazing elopement day needs an amazing team to make it happen! 

Putting together the right team makes a big difference! I’ll find the officiant who is willing to hike to your ceremony or the stylist who will create your dream hair and makeup before your sunrise “first look”. Everything will come together beautifully when you’re working with the right people!

Hire Elopement Vendors

Struggling to find your perfect vendor match?

I know just where to look!

Vendors near your elopement location or those who are willing to travel
Businesses with great reviews
Experts who understand your elopement vision + are up for a little adventure
Companies who align with your values


“Her eye for detail and tips about local florist, hair & makeup, officiant, etc. made our day complete, and I will always treasure our wonderful photos!”

Cliff + Rebecca

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Add the final elements to bring your elopement day together!

It’s these last little details that round out your amazing day! I’ll share with you checklists, tips, and other resources to make sure you don't overlook anything. You’ll feel more organized and prepared so that you can focus on what’s truly important on your elopement day.

Fill in the Details of your Elopement

Afraid you’ll forget something?

You’ve never done this before, so I’ll prepare you so that nothing falls through the cracks!

Shopping ethically & sustainably
Figuring out local marriage license laws
Picking out your elopement outfits (Read about the best adventure elopement dresses)
Deciding what you want to include in your ceremony to make it special
Laying out a backup plan in case of inclement weather


“All of her advice was spot on, and at times it felt like we'd hired not just a photographer, but a wedding consultant also!”

Eve + Chris

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Advice and inspiration on elopement locations

Ideas for how to make your elopement extra special

Tips for making your elopement day go smoothly

Advice and inspiration on elopement locations

Ideas for how to make your elopement extra special

Tips for making your elopement day go smoothly

A downloadable elopement day packing + prep list

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You deserve to have an amazing, personalized elopement day. 

Julie Haider is an adventure elopement photographer + planner based in New Mexico and photographing destination elopements worldwide.


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