The Best Waterfall Elopement Locations

Updated 4/29/24

What You’ll Find in This Waterfall Elopement Locations Guide:

Waterfall Elopement Planning + Tips

If you’re looking for a gorgeous backdrop for your elopement ceremony and an adventurous and fun experience, a waterfall could be the best location for you! 💦 There’s just something about water cascading down rocks that is beautiful and captivating. Whether it’s a small stream of water or a roaring torrent, each waterfall has its own unique beauty that makes for the perfect elopement scenery. Ready to find out the best waterfall locations for your elopement? Read on! 👇🏻

First, let’s talk quickly about planning your waterfall elopement. There are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind as you look for the best spot and create your elopement day. 📝 As you’re searching for a waterfall to get married at (I can help you find the perfect spot!), keep in mind how busy each location is. For your elopement ceremony, you probably don’t want kids playing in the water or a bunch of hikers watching you, right? Some waterfalls are really popular, and will definitely be busy in the middle of the day. If you’re set on a location like that, opt to have your ceremony early in the morning on a week day to reduce the risk of crowds. Or better yet, find an off-the-beaten-path waterfall that you can have all to yourself! It takes a bit more work, but it’s definitely worth it. 🙌🏻

Also, remember that water levels are seasonal and the flow of the waterfall isn’t always consistent. Whenever the local area is in its rainy season, falls will naturally be larger and more powerful. ☔ On the flipside, low-rainfall months or seasonal droughts can greatly reduce the water flow or dry up the falls altogether.

If you’re planning your elopement ceremony by a waterfall, don’t forget about the noise level of the water. It’s best to plan to stand farther away from very large falls so that you can actually hear each other without yelling as you say your vows. And if you plan to have any guests, keep in mind where they’ll be able to hear you as well. 

For micro weddings or elopements with guests, remember that you need space for people to stand. Usually you want everyone to be standing a little bit away from the base of the waterfall so that they don’t get sprayed. You’ll need to scope out a spot that’s big enough for you two and all your guests to safely stand without getting wet or standing on slippery rocks. If you’re planning to have more than 10 or so guests, this can be a bit tricky. I’d suggest being very flexible about where you elope so that you can find a waterfall that can accommodate your ceremony, or look into a waterfall wedding venue (more on that below).

And as with all elopement locations, always check if a permit is needed in order to have a ceremony or take photos on the property. 📄 Many waterfalls are located on public land managed by the Forest Service, National Park Service, a state park, or Bureau of Land Management. Call the local ranger office and find out first hand if a permit is required and if there are any restrictions in the area. And no matter what, always follow the Leave No Trace principles so that these beautiful locations can remain beautiful, preserved, and open to the public!

If all this planning seems like a bit much to tackle, let me help you! You deserve to have the best waterfall elopement without the stress and burden of planning it on your own. I’ll do the location scouting for you and take on all the other little tasks like figuring out the logistics and navigating permits. Just email me and we can talk about what your epic elopement could look like!

The Best Waterfall Elopement Locations

Western North Carolina Waterfall Elopements

From high falls over 800 feet to cute little cascades, Western North Carolina has it all! Visitors to the area often come to see famous waterfalls like DuPont Falls (featured in one of the Hunger Games movies) or Looking Glass Falls, but there are hundreds of other beautiful spots to elope. Brevard, North Carolina, one of the best areas for waterfalls, features over 250 alone! You’ll also find lovely falls for your elopement along the Blue Ridge Parkway and throughout the national forest. Waterfalls in Western NC usually flow year-round. A summer elopement will give you gorgeous greenery around the waterfall, or elope in the fall for spectacular autumn leaf colors.

Want to have an amazing North Carolina waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Iceland Waterfall Elopements

If you’re up for traveling internationally, Iceland is one of the best for a waterfall elopement! It’s estimated that there are over 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland – that’s plenty to choose from for your elopement ceremony! While some are not accessible, many are easy to get to with a short hike or no hiking required. You also don’t have to worry about the flow of the falls disappearing. Because of snowmelt and heavy rains, most waterfalls run year-round and are typically quite full. Summer (June through August) is the best time of year to get married in Iceland if you want green scenery and warmer temperatures. Or if you’re up for the cold and snow of winter, you can have a winter wonderland waterfall elopement. 

You might be familiar with some of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland like Skógafoss or Kirkjufellsfoss, but there are many more to choose from if you want to avoid the crowds. Another awesome thing about a waterfall wedding in Iceland is that there’s plenty of other diverse scenery to include in your elopement day. There are epic mountains, geothermal areas, lava fields, black sand beaches, glaciers, lupine wildflower fields, and so many beautiful places to get married.

Want to have an amazing Iceland waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Southwest Colorado Waterfall Elopements

This area of Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth for elopements because of its incredible mountain views, but it’s also a great place for waterfalls! In June, waterfalls pop up all over the mountains, due to the melting snow runoff. July and August are also great summer months for visiting the area, and waterfalls are usually still full and beautiful. Or, if you don’t mind a little snow, elope during the winter months and check out FROZEN waterfalls. How amazing would that be for your elopement ceremony backdrop?!

If a waterfall elopement in Southwest Colorado interests you, check out my San Juan Mountains Elopement Guide!

Want to have an amazing Colorado waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Havasupai, Arizona Waterfall Elopements

You’ve probably seen a photo of one of the absolutely magical Havasupai Canyon waterfalls in Arizona. The electric blue water and red rock cliffs make this area a stunning and colorful desert Oasis. Mooney Falls, Havasu Falls, and Navajo Falls are all located in the canyon, which is a 10 mile strenuous hike. Once you’re near the falls, you can camp in the area, or stay at a nearby lodge. A permit is required to hike through the Havasupai Native American reservation, which can be applied for online. The permits go very fast, so if you’re thinking of having a Havasu waterfall elopement plan way ahead and be ready when permit applications open.

** Please Note: Havasupai Canyon has been closed since 2020 and will be reopening in 2023. However, no new reservations will be taken in 2023 as people holding 2020 permits will be rescheduled for then. If you want to elope at the beautiful waterfalls of Havasupai Canyon, you’ll need to plan for 2024. You can get more information on the Havasupai Tribe’s website.

Want to have an amazing Arizona waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Faroe Islands Waterfall Elopements

The Faroe Islands are a hidden gem of northern Europe and the perfect place for a waterfall elopement! This tiny country is made up of 18 rugged islands with dramatic landscapes of mountains and sea. And because of the steep mountains and cliffs, it’s home to tons of waterfalls!

On a rainy day, you’ll find waterfalls popping up at every turn, but there are many falls that are flowing year-round. The islands are remote and quiet, which makes it perfect for couples who want to avoid crowds while they explore. There’s plenty of hiking to do at the beaches, mountains, and fjords across the islands in addition to visiting the waterfalls.

To see what your waterfall elopement could look like, check out photos from this real Faroe Islands elopement day!

Want to have an amazing Faroe Islands waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me to find out more!

Hawai’i Waterfall Elopements

If you’re wanting to elope somewhere tropical, get married at a waterfall in Hawai’i! With their warm and wet climate, the Hawai’ian islands are full of towering falls and cute little cascades. Check the windward side of the island for your perfect waterfall elopement spot – more rain in that area creates more waterfalls. Read more about tropical elopements and waterfall destinations in the Hawai’i Elopement Guide!

Want to have an amazing Hawai’i waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Oregon Waterfall Elopements

When you think of amazing waterfalls, your mind probably goes straight to the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is full of incredible falls in lush forests and fairytale locations. The Columbia River Gorge is a great place for easily accessible waterfalls – there are so many that are just a short and easy walk from a parking lot, which can be perfect for an elopement. The iconic Multnomah Falls is a beautiful place to elope and is fully paved in the viewing area and along the trail up to the bridge. However, it’s a pretty busy place and doesn’t allow weddings or elopements on the weekends (find out more info here). But don’t worry, there are so many other options! Oregon has plenty more waterfall locations for your elopement in the Columbia River Gorge and beyond.

Want to have an amazing Oregon waterfall elopement? I’d love to help you plan a tailored-to-you day and find some incredible locations for you. Contact me, and let’s get started!

Waterfall Wedding Venues

Maybe you’re having a wedding with more guests and are looking for a waterfall wedding venue that you can rent out. There are some great options for that as well! As you’re on the hunt for the perfect venue for your wedding, don’t forget to check state and national parks. They often have designated spots by waterfalls where you can have a ceremony and possibly a reception. The cost for the venue is usually inexpensive, and you get to support public lands. Win-win! There are also traditional wedding venues with waterfall locations that offer seating by the falls. Some have larger capacities around 100, while many venues (like Inns or Bed & Breakfasts) are better for intimate weddings or elopements. Check out the waterfall wedding venues listed below to find your dream location!

Waterfall Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Chota Falls Estate | Georgia

Toccoa Falls | Georgia

Hightower Falls | Georgia

Burruss Mill Falls | Georgia

Hocking Hills State Park | Ohio

The Cliffs at Hocking Hills | Ohio

Willow Falls | North Carolina

Secret Waters Highlands | North Carolina

Rock Island State Park | Tennessee

High Falls Gorge | New York

Copper Falls | Loveland, Colorado

Rifle Falls State Park | Colorado

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Most couples lack the time and expertise to plan an epic elopement day. And that’s why I’m here to help you create a meaningful celebration with ease. ✨

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